Cool [Q] modem router able to HMA+DNS redirect+netstorage...

I'm looking for a new adsl modem router wireless for my home network.... I have a TP-W8960n V1.6 that is, unfortunately incompatible with DD-WRT and others custom firmwares.
I have a MN-700, that I discovered is able to be flashed with DD WRT, but... every link I found about that misses something, and I'm a noob with soldering irons... and I'm not sure MN700 with DD WRT can do what I need (this guide is outstanding, but quite old and it seems that mn700 has some some problems with last dd-wrt versions).
What I need is a router capable at least of working as a repeater, to connect to HMA service, to perform DNS redirect (chromecast netflix outside US)
Also, USB ports for network storage... and... what else ? Everything!
Does it exists ? )