Tutorial how to soff en HTC one S 3.14.531.17RD

Hi This is my third Post in XDA.

is my tutorial for those like me that had many problem and read enough tutorials all a failure to make the htc one s S4 s-Off and more with this version 3.14.531. 17RD I did with Moonshine guarantee them that if they do such as this will have successes I hope to serve you very helpful!

I take NO responsibility of anything is of my authorship I did under my results, if they do the steps well will have no problems.

To begin!

This is my mobile and this is the requirement

Note before you start:

first I had this version 3.14.531.17RD lower this version 3.14.531.11

Download this official RUU from here

Then I closed the bootloader (bootloader) wrote: fastboot oem lock then right click on my downloaded RUU run as administrator I followed the step and ready.

But first of all: this was my mistake, I had installed htc sync uninstall you make the process of with moonshine and runrunner soff again and again and always the same problem, look



As you can see in the pictures above were more 40 min and nothing just bla bla bla as runrunner left me this error, knowing I had that first make the soff to superCID the problem was the HTC sync no matter if uninstall you the is waste that was my mistake until I decided to format my pc from scratch.


If you have not installed the HTC SYNC manager pass to step 2

Step 1: Download and install Your Uninstaller! Pro 7.5.2013.02 DC 13.11.2013 from here

Delete Full HTC SYNC Manager

Step 2: install SDK from here (If you have it installed just upgrade to most recent)

Step 3: install Java from here (If you already have it installed, go to step 5)

Step 4: install only the driver for HTC (NOT HTC SYNC) from here (be sure to have it)

Step 5: Once updated SDk enters: sdk/platform-tools: / opened my window command with shift + right click and wrote: fastboot getvar all then the enter key, so they can see the info of my HTC One s tmobile S4

Step 6: Download Moonshine from here

(the file name is moonshine_ville_3.14.531.11.zip-20.0mb) is for the main of your mobile version 3.14.531.11 once downloaded extracted it copied the 5 files as shown in the picture into the folder: sdk/platform-tools

Step 7:in the mobile remove the selection of Fast boot, enable USB debugging, and remove the safety (Nothing pattern, PIN).

Step 8: connect the cable in the mobile USB make sure this synchronized, write adb devices if shown the serious beginning with HT... Already this synchronized

Step 9: double click on the executable distiller.exe let you see in the photo, this process has a duration close 5 minutes and restarts from 4 to 5 times, wait until you finish see photo

I did this with the stock recovery, nothing TWRP or CWM see photo

Once finished restart several times this is the result!

Step 10: super cid already applied from here

This is all! I have my sense 5 installed Rom from here

and here is the sense 5 on my tmobile S4 see

Another ROM with SENSE 5 download from here

Comment and leave points I hope that this will serve you! that will save many time effort and sacrifice, next up.

Sorry for my bad English