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Hello! So after some research in the forum, and seeing that it can be "easy" to root your phone, even with a locked bootloader, I decided to look into doing this with my Verizon Galaxy Note II to get familiar with custom ROMs. I had been running on 4.1.2

Please redirect me to relevant forum information for DIY or feel free to contribute any help below. Also, feel free to shame me for not finding it myself, as I couldn't find it myself.

I used "NoYouVerizon-GalaxyNote2-Casual R515" to root my phone and about 5-10 seconds through the installation it errored out and showed "Disconnected". It stated that I needed the relevant drivers from Adam Outlet which I accepted to download, but I did not re-recognize my phone afterwards while in the download screen. But, since it error, I get the incompatible firmware yellow triangle of frustration. I can't seem to use any software such as Odin, most likely because my bootloader is still locked?, so I'm going to ask you experts for help while I research a way to get it out of this mode.

Edit: Also, I have the issue where Odin states "Can't open the serial(COM) port" which causes a failure. Attempted to flash root66_VZW_Stock_etc
Edit2: Was a Samsung Kies issue. Uninstalled and able to start root66 on Odin. Processing now
Edit3: Was able to wipe/reboot in recovery mode to get back to stock. Now I'm curious of why Casual had the error. Any suggestions from the error file uploaded?

Edit 4: I have my phone back up and working with root access. Though I'm unsure how I have root access without doing much to unlock the bootloader from verizon, I guess this works. Any commentary welcome.

Any help would sincerely, 100% be appreciated!
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