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Install Drivers

Fastboot Mode - Blue Light - Turn phone off>Press and Hold Volume UP button while plugging in USB Cable> Release the button (from being held) after the blue light.
Flash Mode - Green Light - Turn phone off> Press and Hold Volume DOWN button while plugging in USB Cable> Release the button (from being held) after the green light.

Common problem is it doesn't stay too long on specific mode

You will need drivers try downloading Xperia Z driver here - http://developer.sonymobile.com/down...eria-z-driver/
(Optional in case you can't Install the driver correctly)
Install Driver first
1.Extract the downloaded file. (If it is in Zip file) in a place where you can easily locate it.
2.Connect your phone (turned on) to your computer
3. Assuming that you have My Computer Icon on your desktop.. Right Click it > Manage> Device Manager (Located at the left tab) > Android Phone> android ADB interface > Right click> Update Driver Software > Browse my computer for the driver software and locate where you put the XZ driver.

It worked for me, hope it will work for you, too.

Guys, you can correct me if I am wrong..
My major problem is that i never get a blue light when I hold down the volume up and plug it in. My computer makes that sound like a uSB device had been unplugged in a couple seconds.

Also, I download the drivers, and with the device powered on, plug it into the PC. What I see in the Device manager is Sony sa0108 ADB Interface Driver. If I disable adb on the device I get nothing in the device manager.

Flashtool will not allow me to do the adb fastboot reboot either.

This is extremely frustrating!