Default Strange Nexus 7 2013 OTG Issue...

Hello there! I came here hoping to find some good answers. This account may be new, but I am definitely familiar with this site and what it can offer. So hello and thanks in advance

So recently I purchased the Nexus 7 2013, rooted it, and all the good stuff. I have the older Nexus 7 as well, and still a wonderful device. The issue I am having with this new Nexus 7 is the OTG support is quite strange. With the older Nexus 7, I would plug in my OTG cable, attach my device(s) and it would work on the fly every time. This new nexus 7 is a different story..

While I can get OTG to work, this is what I have to do. If I attach the OTG cable with a device while it is on, nothing happens. I have used the OTG Troubleshooter app correctly, and I get this message..

Warning: Expected 0, but found 1 hubs. Did you disconnect your OTG?
Yet if I attach the OTG Cable and my device while the Nexus 7 is turned off, then turn it on, everything works as it should, StickMount detects and mounts the drive properly and all is dandy, but if I remove the OTG and attach again, I would have to reboot in order to use it. I also cannot access OTG devices in recovery, only when I fully boot the Android OS.

Any help on this would be appreciated. If you are wondering, I am using the ElementalX Kernel ( 1.8 on Android 4.3 (even had the same issues when using 4.4, but worse), but even before I installed this Kernel, I had the exact same issue. I have a feeling I just have a wonky device unlike others, but I'd like to see if I can get some answers here anyway. Thank you for your time.