Default Hipstreet TItan HS-7DTB4A - Home Button Problem After Root


I purchased two Hipstreet Titan HS-7DTB4A (8GB) for my nieces. I ran a "Taselhof script" that is supposed to root, install Google Play, do some tweaks and disable services that aren't required to save battery life.

Both of them now have the Google Play store, but on one the home button does not bring me back to the home screen. The soft key clicks and highlights, but it doesn't do anything. Same with long press on the home key.

I figured I might just run Titanium Backup on the working tablet and restore on the non-functional one, but Titanium Backup could not get root access on either. I ran Root Checker on each and apparently they don't have root access.

They are both running Android 4.2.2.

Can anyone help me with this? They are for pretty young children, but having that home key working would be nice...