Default [SOLVED] Factory Reset boots to Stock Android Setup

I have to send my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 back to Amazon. I had twrp and a 2nd bootloader installed on it. I did the recovery and reinstalled the backup images that I made prior to installing the bootloader. That all worked fine. When I did a factory reset on the device when it rebooted it booted to a stock android setup wizard that crashes and has no ADB function. I have tried to erase all the partitions and reinstall the images through that I made through fastboot but it still boots straight to the stock android setup wizard. Any help on this would be appreciated.

EDIT: I resolved the issue. I used the images from the KFHD_SRTv2.0- 8.1.3 tool and it worked. I then downloaded the stock update from Amazon to update to the latest version.