Unhappy [q] [help please!!!]

My phone won't turn on it won't go into download mode and it won't go into factory recovery mode. I took out the battery for about 10 minutes and I have plugged the usb charger to my computer to see if it would upload so I could reset the firmware using Kies. So is my phone done? Should I try to charge it via the wall charger instead? I was trying to flash a rom the hellfire 4.4.2 weekly nightly one and the hellfire 4.4 gapps but I think I know where I messed up at I flashed the 4.4 firmware first but I didn't reboot it right after. I don't know if that has anything to with it but that is the only thing I can think of because I did the the 3 resets upload the rom then uploaded the gapps. Oh and I uploaded the volume tweaks mod to increase the volume and take the shutter sound off the camera. Please tell me I can some how get it to turn on. To charge, to download mode, to be stuck in boot mode whatever I don't care I just want the screen to turn back on