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thanks, the version of twrp you have posted doesn't access my external now I am screwed. I will have to figure out how to downgrade twrp which is impossible since it doesn't read external

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Gimmee a $#@^&*%@% break... READ DUDE, you weren't even off the first page that it was talked about on and you are still distraught. Prime example of a Gentleman that doesn't deserve help. Sorry , it pisses me off and I apologize for off topic.

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download this:

that is the twrp recovery with external sd support

restart your phone in recovery mode go to advance and next click on adb sideload

connect your phone to the pc and start a terminal or cmd if you use windows

type adb devices to check if your devices is detected if yes, type

adb sideload

and that will flash the recovery with external sd support,

you need to have adb installed in your pc

the process to install this rom is the same like the others kitkat roms like omni or pa it requiered lasted twrp recovery with selinux support, but that recovery builded by chadouming dont have sdcard support i will build a new recovery with external sd support for our e970

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