Default [Q] " has stopped", fresh install of CM 10.2.0

Yesterday I installed CyanagenMod 10.2.0 (Stable) on my HTC One S. When the phone started up under CM for the first time I was greeted with the error message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped". This error has persisted, jumping up repeatedly as I try to use the phone, and the Gallery, Camera and other apps crash due to it.

I can prevent the error message by disabling the "Media process" app in settings, but this is less than ideal as it prevents the Gallery and other photo apps from seeing any of the photos on the phone.

The phone was previously running the stock HTC ROM.

I have tried resetting the phone repeatedly, wiping every possible thing that can be wiped in the Recovery mode, but to no avail. I have also tried installing CM 10.1 instead, but the same problem is present.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be here? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.