Default [App - How To] QPair with AOSP based ROMs

So finally got QPair running on my V5100...

Web Presence:

  1. Uninstall QPair if you have it installed on both tablet and phone
  2. Modify your build.prop

  3. Reboot
  4. Install QPair on Tablet and Phone
  5. Run QPair app
  6. Enjoy

What is going to be most commonly asked question:
Q. How do I modify build.prop

A1. Use Root Explorer to make changes on phone. Make not of current permissions of original build.prop file and make sure modified build.prop file permissions match before you reboot. If permissions are not set properly than tablet will not boot.

A2. Use the attached ZIP file to flash build.prop

A3. Pull build.prop file from your AOSP ROM, make the changes you want, save new build.prop file, replace your modified build.prop with one in attached zip file and than flash.

After I made my changes to the build.prop I placed it into my GApps package so when I flash new ROM and GApps, the modified build.prop will flash with GApps.

Not all lines may need to be changed. That's what I changed on first try to get it QPair to work.
When you flash new ROM you will need to modify build.prop or flash a modified build.prop...
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