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Please help me out

how would i go about rooting my new at&t galaxy s4

its i337
android 4.3
baseband: mk2

would this method erase all my data on my phone?
Will this really work because i been searching with no luck lately

need step by step instructions please
No it will not erase the data on your phone.
The step by step instructions are inside the tool, if you need instructions on how to flash TWRP to your device via Odin you can find them in the forums. I would include them but it is really outside of the scope of the tool, while the tool requires TWRP to work TWRP is not related in any way to the tool, the tool is simply TWRP dependent.

It has worked on the i337 already, whether or not it works on mk2 has yet to be determined, however the tool is designed in such a way it will either work or fail, if it fails it will not harm your device.

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