Default Driver recognition problem


As many people here i've encountred a problem with fota while being using a rooted ROM (g.lewarne ROM)
Now my phone is bricked. I can't go into recovery nor Download mode. I only have the LG logo for moments with error: secure booting error!
cause: boot certification verify

When i plug my phone it is not recognized in the hardware manager. I've already installed Drivers.
All i have in the hardware manager is a new hard under name QHSUSB_BULK that needs driver.
I have just one hope to get my phone alive, by reconizing it again by my computer, then maybe i can go under download mode.
I've tried everything but nothing could work without download mode.

PS: I've made a hard reset, which was maybe a silly decision.

By the way, after installing the OTA my phone went into CWM Recovery, it was detectable by adb, i used adb to reinstall TWRP, then i used command
"adb reboot download" instead of "adb reboot recovery", then i had never seen the CWM recovery again, only the mentioned above error.
After few seconds my phone screen goes black but the phone is still on since i can see light at the corners of the phone.
and it is not reachable by adb.

It makes me crazy now.

once i plug it to the computer it gives me plenty drives to format and one drive with only one folder inside called image, only readable, with many files inside.

Could you please help me to get my phone alive?