Default [ROM][V500][GPE-4.4 KOT49H] Alpha 3

New Test build to see if it is finally working. I no longer have V500 to test with so if anyone wants to test and give me feedback.

Well it does not work...file removed

This will flash the persist.img from V510 to V500 which might be the key to get wifi and other hardware working. If it does not work and you need to flash old one back let me know. Make sure you back everything and be prepared to do a restore to stock if all else fails. That is the worst that can happen. Easy thing if it does not work is you flash the old persist.img which I will make if needed. I am downloading the TOT file now for v500 if it is needed...

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Thanks to @Demetris for latest tip..

Thanks to @thoughtlesskyle and @Mixinitup4Christ for the system dump and all of their help.

Download HERE - File name
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