Default calling issues

hi guys

when i first bought the phone back in the day
it was perfect
i started installing cm9 or cm10 ( when it used to update the radio)

then later if i recall cm10 i started having the helicopter issue where it would keep pressing the home button by its self
a few weeks later a new CM build with a new radio fixed it but introduced a new issue

it would randomly drop my calls

so i decided to S-OFF and try flashing a radio

this is before s-ff
HTML Code:
One S (s4)
twrp 2.5
T-mobile US
kernel 3.4
Hboot 2.15
openDsp v31.
current raido :

using the getvar method
i get this

(bootloader) product: vle
(bootloader) platform: HBOOT-8960
(bootloader) modelid: PJ4010000
(bootloader) cidnum: HTC__203

using fastboot getvar version-main
Version-main : ( BLANK)
s-offing wasnt fun
my phone was no longer able to boot in stock or custom roms
but i was able to flash radios
so what i did was flash a radio then s-offed by doing this

i tried radio 1.13 and 1.15 with the same issue
it shows the new radio in About (CM11) and in fastboot
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I'm half afraid it's a fake changelog with every disallowed feature request us xda trolls wanted.
@codeworks: this must've crossed your mind when Samsung announced ICS on 10th