Default [Q] FASTBOOT Issues - Not booting into

I have Kindle Fire HD 7 -

I am an adb users. I know how to use it. If that helps. My problem is that I cannot get the device to boot into fastboot. I run the command adb devices and it sees my device.. I reboot it, shell, etc. But when I run the "fastboot -i 0x1949 getvar product" command it stays on wait for device. I am using the factory cable that came with the device. It is new. I have run out of ideas... I start with a powered off device (adb is enabled in the settings).. I run the command on the command line.. its now sitting on waiting for device....I plug in the cable .. it powers up.. but just boots. I was able to root the device.. but will NOT boot to fast boot...

Please let me know if I am missing something..