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Hi and thank you for reading question is sort of generic I have a nexus 10 running 4.4 ROM and a galaxy nexus (Verizon) phone running a 4.4 Rom also. (I have my favorite ROMs for each but try many here and there. Enjoy them all).
My question has to do with Google + data usage on both devices. I've noticed recently that by the end of the business day my tablet is almost drained and having my phone on between 6 am and 10 am, the dead battery alert is sounding.
I'm not a user of Google + other than letting it back up my pics (10 or 12 a week). When I check my battery usage Google + was somewhere in the range of 350 and 550 megabytes while every thing else is under 50 mb. When I disable g+, data usage reads a high number under the heading of 'disabled' (or uninstalled) apps but the battery is still dying.
Again I don't think this is rom specific. Is any one else experiencing this? Is it a bug in 4.4+?
Thanks again...

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