Info 2 [Tutorial] Unbrick the Korean Galaxy S [SHW M110S]

Using Repair Kit to Unbrick M110S
This solution is good for reviving the M110S from all major problems that you may have as well as from those that have been bricked by flashing incompatible Firmware. This solution is also good for those who had been scammed into thinking they had bought an i9000 Device bearing the the undermentioned firmware , when in fact it is only an M110S, dressed up to look like an i9000.

Firmware Version: 2.3.4
BaseBand Version: I9000ZSJPJ
Kernel Version:
Build No: Lidroid-i9000-1.2
Solutions to other problems that you may have that need to be resolved first. ( Solve them first)

1) USB Connection Problems Check [Tutorial] How to resolve micro USB connection problems [unknown USB device][code 43]
2) No Download Mode Check My Android Solutions

Also get to know the Basic M110S Flashing Procedure M110S Flashing Guide
Needed Downloads for this procedure:

1) Odin3 V 1.70
2) M110S Repair Kit
3) Repair Kit procedure PDF Document ( same as mentioned below)
4) For Latest ROM's kernels and anything else

First stage :-
For every Stage of Flashing RESTART ODIN and always use Fresh ODIN

1) download repair kit and unzip it (you will have 6 tar files)

2) put phone into download mode after battery pull

2) run odin and select m110s.pit under PIT (Re-partion option will be automatically ticked)

3) select M110S-PDA-PHONE-MOVI-REV03-DG23-1409-USER.tar.md5 under PDA

4) connect phone and Press start (within 10 min your phone will reboot into Eclair Firmware)

you will have a fully working phone after this, only needs further updates, so continue to stage 2

Second stage:-

1) put phone into download mode after battery pull

2) run odin select S1_KOR_DE09.pit under PIT (make sure you UNTICK the re-partition option in Odin)

3) select M110S-BOOT-DG23-1409.tar.md5 under CSC

4) connect phone and press start (within a few min phone will reboot)

Third Stage:-

1) put phone into download mode after battery pull

2) run Odin select M110S-NPS-IMAGE-REV03-DG23-1409-USER.tar.md5 under PDA

3) selct M110S-PHONE-REV00-DG24.0151_Develop.tar.md5 under PHONE

4) Connect Phone and select start ( within few min phone will reboot )

Fourth Stage:-

Your Phone is currently running its FIRST out of the box Firmware used in 2010 , so now you need to upgrade to the latest 2012 Stock ROM or Custom ROM's of your choice so repeat Flashing Procedure to upgrade to Latest Firmware and remember you have to wipe and factory rest your M110S in 3e recovery after flashing the stock ROM
IF unable to complete repair procedure
My advice is to proceed to stage 4, meaning you Flash a Latest stock or custom after the Eclair ROM, this will solve the issue and you would be able to USE the phone .

Final Solution:-

After receiving many requests for help, concerning stage 2 of the repair procedure, Failing or unable to complete as it gets stuck on Boot-loader upgrade or similar
so if it gets stuck after stage 1 ( meaning phone functions using the oldest ROM ) , just continue to stage 4 and flash the latest Gingerbread ROM WF07 ( download from Pit Stop)