Default [Q] please help.. phone stuck in stock rom

i rooted my note and installed the amnix rom..
it was working fine but man,it got stuck in bootloop when i tried to restore from titanium back up..
then i restored the stock rom i had backed up.. but certain apps like gallery had retained the same icons that were on xperia rom(meanin to say some form of data from xperia rom was stil on the mob). tried to open gallery,it got stuck(only the samsung galaxy note screen was appearing).. but then again,all the apps were still present.. tried 'factory reset' in the cwm mode and then restore the back up,but the process keeps repeating(reboots and loads till the homescreen and when i try to unlock the screen,it restarts)..

please help me,dont know what to do
should i install odin n flash the original firmware through it? i dont knowthe process completely,so please help