Default Hp Touchpad and syncing with six axes controller app issues.

I seen a few posts where people have managed to sync their ps3 controller with the six axis controller app. For the live of me I tried a few builds of Android and none of them allow me to sync the controller to bluetooth. At this point for those who got it to work or use it frequently, what version of your rom are you using? Do you know any app that allows you to change bluetooth mac address on the android device or Touchpad Rom? Let me know because I have troubleshooting steps that I need to try that require me to change the bluetooth mac address on the hp touchpad but all the instructions I have found have not helped me because the folder structure described is not consistent with what is in my folder. I thank you ahead all of you ahead of time because I value your help, and I apologize if I have missed something during my extensive research.

version of android: update-cm-10.1-20131121-SNAPSHOT-BLUETOOTH-tenderloin 4.2.2
Bluetooth turns on and it works just fine with this version.

All troubleshooting was done per dev website.
Tool was downloaded into PC, uploaded mac of hp touchpad and nothing.
Synced bluetooth devices already with no problem with this rom in the touchpad.
PS3 (sony branded) controller still not pairing.

If it works for you what version of the rom you have?