Default [Q] Question - Can Root be Removed from CM 10.2? (tmo GS3)

I use an app called Good for Enterprise (GFE) for my work email client. This app detects root and gives a non-compliance message, wipes the data and tells me to contact my administrator. I would like to keep using custom ROMs, so I'd like to know if:

1) Is there a way to remove root from CM 10.2 (tmo GS3) so I can use the GFE app?
2) If not, what are some good alternative ROMs that would allow me to remove root after flashing, and continue to use the ROM without issues?
3) From my searching there doesn't appear to be a work around to use GFE with root for android 4.3 based ROMs - - has anyone had sucess doing this?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!