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hello guys. im currently looking for a solution to light my official rom. i've used the "desamsungnizer" (script) wich deletes almost every samsung stuff in the phone. But since i did that my mobile is not being recognized as online in the samsung find my mobile website. so i flashed the rom again to see wich modules are the one that controls that especific funtionality.

So in the running apps by the apps manager i i've seen this ones in ejecution wile i was tracking my phone.

1- XDM service - com.wssyncmldm
2- Smartcardservice - org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service:remote
3 - Remote Controls - XDMservice -

But seems like there is no apks with that name in the system. so does any of you guys knows wich apk modules controls the phone tracking?
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