Unhappy [Q] Star S7589 - "Good" Custom ROMs?

Heya there!

I've searched for hours now and found just a few ****ty looking ones...
Yes, I know this is a cheap China phone and I should not expect much from such a thing.
But I've read that somehow CyanogenMod was working on a port for the S7589? I'm not sure tho, I've searched for it but found, as said, nothing...

I already was at the NeedROM site and searched for ROMs there too but every ROM is just... Meh...
They do not look trustworth enough to be fully happy with them... (And all of them seem to have the same, weird instructions...)

So do you guys know if there is any good Custom ROM for this device? Maybe even one that gives the possability to skip the Internal Storage and let's me install directly onto SD/Phone Storage?

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