Default New features in 4.3 and Sense 5.5

I have found a list with new features for the One here. Mostly all apply for the One mini.

New things:
  • Do Not Disturb, very cool thing that simply sets phone in Do No Disturb mode. You can set for how long and who/to be excluded from it. Turns of sound, notifications and all such things that might disturb. Accessed for the pull down quick settings menu.
  • Gallery have changed a lot. Albums now have a tiled look much like events, and you can now see your HTC Shares and even delete those (and see how much space there's left there). Video highlights got all new themes, and you can even add your own music.
  • In Camera Sweep Panorama can now be both landscape or portrait. Camera UI changed a bit, you see text Zoe under the Zoe button. And when you start Camera you see how many photos and minutes video there's left on the phone's storage.
  • With screen lock active, swipe to the left in the upper right part of the screen. Then you get a + sign where you can add screen lock widgets.
  • Under Call in Settings you have Phone Notification Preview, which shows you caller ID missed calls on screen lock and status bar.
  • If you don't want both lock screen and security screen you can disable screen lock (you need a security lock first) under Settings > Security > Bypass lock screen on wake.
  • Select what kind of notifications you want on lock screen under Settings > Security > Notification Settings. You can select: Phone (shows missing calls), Voice mail, Text messages, Emails and Calendar.
  • Select if you want Music playback controls on not on your lock screen under Settings > Security > Music Playback
  • With Developer options active, option Stay awake is now back. Which keeps the display on while charging.
  • Pull down quick settings menu can now be customized, with up to 12 quick settings.
  • In Weather app you can now select temperature scale under Settings.
  • You can add your Google+ account in Blinkfeed.
  • Disable Blinkfeed by long pressing empty area of a regular screen, then tapping “Blinkfeed on” on the upper left hand corner. Which turns Blinkfeed off.
  • Under Sleep mode in Settings > Power, you can now set start and end of Sleep mode or have it set as Auto.
  • With phone turned off: alarms can now turn phone on, then trigger the alarm. And when you dismiss the alarm phone gets turned back to its previous state (off), this is a major thing.
  • Zoom-bar in camera is hidden, you pinch-zoom to control zooming (zoom-bar is shown when you pinch-zoom).
  • Connect charger to phone while it's off while show a charging “animation” on the display for a while.

Things different from Sense 5.0, things that are “missing”:
  • Screen lock option gone from Personalize, there is no settings for any kind of screen lock theme under Settings. You can’t set screen lock theme to “none”, and there is no way to set wallpaper for lock screen since screen lock themes are gone.
  • T9 layout gone from stock keyboard.

Known bugs:
  • With Animations turned OFF under Developer options, Share menus and things will simply not work. It affects more than just one thing, so: keep animations ON. So, if you're affected: Set all Animations to 1 and restart phone (that part is important).