Default [Q] Problem with bluetooth tethering on Galaxy Note 3 JB

I'm posting this to the newb thread because I've read 300 pages of posts on the NULL thread and found no answer, mostly because I believe I am missing a setting or something on the ROM? Would post to the Jellybean thread but im a rookie. ANYWAYS...

I have tried just about every Verizon ROM for the Galaxy Note 3 in an attempt to tether my galaxy gear over wifi with the GN3. Everything works fine when the phone isn't on WiFi, but soon as I connect the phone to wifi I get a "Tethering Disabled. WiFi is connected"

I've read about PDAnet and available apps but after reading the forums it becomes apparent that they cause other problems.

Users on Sprint, T-mobil, and other carriers have no problem with this, and since it's wifi and not vise-versa I have a hard time believing it's my carrier(and not the rom) I do pay for the tethering option through Verizon. Any help would be very much appreciated, as I have wifi everywhere and don't have great signal from the tower at work.