Default [Q] dropping data connection

I've searched for a solution to this and not found a clear answer. I apologize if I missed something obvious.

I loaded CyanogenMod 11 (cm-11-20131126-unofficial-t0lte) on my AT&T Galaxy Note 2 (I317) last week. No problems with the install. The first time I was away from wi-fi I noticed it would drop the data connection. Didn't do this prior to the install. I was last using JediX19 (with no data connection drops, but the phone would occasionally shut itself down). Looking for a solution, I found a similar problem someone was having with T-Mobile and making a phone call resets the data connection. I've been loading the nightlies as they come out and they all work fine, but the phone still drops the data connection regularly.

My questions are: should my AT&T phone work with the t0lte version? Do I need to go back to CM10.1 or 10.2? Could I keep using CM11 if I update my radio? If so, which version do I want to choose?