Default solved - how to fix stuck in 3e recovery or Power reset or unknown upload mode

This worked for me.
Took out battery for about 5 minutes, insert batt, Hold vol up + power to get into download mode. Use a $5 jig from ebay/amazon if you want to force download mode. This phone is almost impossible to brick. Only physical damage can brick.Since this is an old phone the issue for recovering from a soft brick is really non availability of required files.
When you have a soft brick like this, stuck in 3e recovery. Even if you odin back to stock you cannot get into recovery (stock or cwm). You are permanently hardware locked out of recovery. Once stock odin'd to eclair or froyo phone will boot up into that rom fine but you cannot get into recovery and you cannot root. At this stage odin Darky resurrection which is available in tar/pit format. It is a rooted kernel/rom combo. Since iam a new user forum did not allow me to paste any external links here. Google for "Install Darky ROM 10.2 Resurrection" and pick first link.
Now you have rooted kernel and nice rom but still no recovery. From market download some apk installer that works with darky. I just searched for apk installer and picked the first one. Just downloading rom manager may not work since rom manager does not support older versions like eclair/froyo anymore.... Google for "com.koushikdutta.rommanager.apk" and download this apk from some cyber graveyard..Install this apk, open installed rom manager and select reboot into recovery. Now finally i had working recovery and could flash any zip , wipe format etc.. Good luck.

tip: odin must be setup (select files, uncheck boxes..) before getting phone into download mode. Otherwise odin will get stuck. Just re-start all over if this happens.