Default [Q] Why does cm10.2 torch require such permissions?

A few days ago, tired with unsatisfactory battery life, I decided to take a good look at what the phone was doing while "asleep".
One of the things I did was to install Network Log to have a complete picture of networking activity.
What I discovered, with considerable surprise, is that the stock cm torch app was sending and receving packages continuosuly to/from two google ip's.
The amount of traffic isn't what worries me, meaning that from the logs it's not a high activity app, but just the fact that it does have such activity makes me wonder about the purpose.
So i "untrusted" torch and noticed that it has a full set of permissions ranging from call listening to networking aamof.
My question thus is "why does this app require such permissions"?
I blocked networking for torch and it seems to work without any problems so...what's the deal?
Xperia Active ST17i
Rom: ParanoidAndroid
Kernel: LupusJB

LG Optimus 4X HD
Rom: PACman
Kernel: MoKee