Default Installing Samsung KNOX wiithout Re-Downloading it after a Factory Reset?

Is there a way to install KNOX from a standlone installer in case one does not have access to WiFi internet in order to download KNOX?
So is there a way to use a standalone Android APK KNOX files in case I have to reset my phone and re-install KNOX if I do not have any Internet?
In other words, is it possible to re-install KNOX without re-downloading it?

I have the KNOX Personal Edition.

Looks like nobody seems to know this answer as I already asked this in many many forums.

When 4.3 update was released, I clicked on the KNOX looking Icon from the APPS section and it started downloading. When finished automatically downloading KNOX, It then asked me to install it giving it my password and timeout settings.

But is there any possible way to install KNOX without having to wait for it to re-download in case after restoring my phone from a Factory Reset? Or...what if in case one does not have WiFi internet connection???

In the meantime I went browsing all over ES File Explorer and all things that are KNOX related seems to all spread out in numerous file systems...So I guess it would be impossible to have KNOX installed as a "Standalone" installer.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance