Question [Q] About installation guide of Viper X+ 2.x

How everybody,
I'm a newbie here and I have some question about the installation guide.
I'm really appreciate for your response.
This is the guide I found on the ROM release:

1. Unlock your bootloader via HTCDev.
2. Download Venom mod of TWRP Recovery and flash it using Venom Flasher.
3. Download the ROM and place it on your virtual SD card.
4. Download boot.img and flash it using Venom Flasher.
5. Go into recovery and install the ROM.
6. Reboot the device and enjoy!

Step 1 I can understand.
Step 2 I can't understand. I know what is TWRP Recovery, so this step means I have to donwload TWRP Recovery file and then use Venom Flasher to flash it?
Step 3 to 6 I can understand.

There's something I'm so confused. When I download from the link posted by the Venom. The file I downloaded is Kernel_N_Recovery_2.0.0 includes the modules folder, boot.img, recovery.img and VenomKernelFlasher.exe.
So what is the recovery.img file, is this the same with TWRP Recovery?
Is VonomKernelFlasher.exe is the Venom Flasher mentioned on Step 2?

Thank you so much!!!!