Default [Q] Does Universal Root De La Vega work for Sprint S4 after MJA/Knox bootloader?

I can't find any reference to "root vega" by searching this subforum, so I'm asking.. please be gentle if this is covered elsewhere. I know URDLV is available for the Note 3 on sprint and can be used to gain root on a stock rom without tripping the Knox warranty bit, and am wondering if it's possible to use it to flash a rooted, stock MJA or MK2 ROM onto the Galaxy S4?

I have a completely stock phone, just bought it last week and foolishly applied the OTA update without checking the forums first so I now have the Knox bootloader and have a knox counter in download mode. I've read that you can flash a rooted stock firmware on a Sprint Note 3 without tripping the knox bit and want to know if anyone out there has successfully flashed a stock MJA or MK2 firmware using the URDLV method on a Sprint Samsung S4.

I know I have a snapdragon processor, and that URDLV doesn't work with the Exynos chip, so I'm hoping that it since it sounds like it'll work in theory, that a brave soul has attempted this and can share any info. I only want root, I'm fine manually uninstalling the crap I don't need and I'm okay with using the stock rom, I just want root and know that if i use CF-auto-root that i'll trip the counter, or if i use Vroot I'm potentially using a piece of software that might have malware or spyware in it (the cons to using VRoot are all over the forums).

Anyone out there who can share their insights or experience? Thanks!