Wink [Q] CM 10.1 on TMobile S2 Wifi/Tether + MHL Question

i currently run cm 10.2 / on 4.3.1. for my tmobile t989.

my question is. why when i run the stock wifi hotspot app will it allow my wii to connect and use my phones data to run netflix. hulu. etc. insted of mobile hotspot minutes like my desktop does. this is not bad for me. its actually close to what i am trying to accomplish by installing roms to begin with. why will my computer take my data from the free 2.5 gb mobile hotspot minutes. but my wii uses my phone data? keeping in mind i pay for unlimited data. so im not concerned with my phones data being used. is it possible to get free tethering on tmobile? i have heard of barrnicle and foxfi. they havent worked though. also curious if its possoble to make my mhl cable work with this cm version. it worked before. ic you can help. i would really appretiate it. im really curious if anyone has got around tmobiles hotspot bs.