Default [Q] Vega S5 tricky soft brick

Hi all,
I have got my hands on a Pantech Vega S5. Because this phone's practically only source is a vietnamese website (, and because I was stupid and didn't check the contents of the zip when flashing, it had screwed up my recovery. Now, the phone boots, ROM works alright (it's a terrible ROM, but that's not the point), I can get to the bootloader, fastboot, software update mode (like download mode) and everything, except recovery. Whatever I try, from buttons to ADB, all the phone boots to is a black screen. I've tried almost every possible way to reflash the recovery, fastboot flash (.img), fastboot update (.zip) and even an app called Flash Image GUI, but always, all I get is a black screen. Did the zip mess up the partitions? Everything else works just fine, signal, just everything...except I have no recovery at all. What happened? Did I screw up the recovery partition?
Cheers, everyone!
My Devices:
Google Galaxy Nexus running Purity 4.3.0 or Kitkat! (Whichever one I feel like using :P)

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