Unhappy Kernel Crash

hello everyone!!
my phone started to be to lagy and it wouldnt open phone apss like the camera etc. so i turned it off and tried to turned it on again and it tells me that the kernel crashed!!
2 months ago i bricked my phone but luckyly i unbricked it and rooted my phone with the help of this guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2450258 BUT I DIDNT UNLOCK BOOTLOADER AND INSTALL CUSTOM RECOVERY so i cant (know) how to put my phone to download mode so i can flash the rom again and i need help please
sorry about my bad english
it shows me this

Kernel Crash!
DemiGod Crash Handler : Kernel Crash!
Press key to choose Dload Mode/Reboot/Fasatboot.
1) Vol up : Dload mode.
2) Vol Down : Reboot.
3) Power : Fastboot

If you choose Dload Mode,
Please do the following action.
1) Dload Mode. Please connect USB
2) Get the ram dump image using QCT's Memory Dubug App
3) Send email to contact point or M-TDR_Leader@lge.com