Default [Q] Stock task manager missing...

Hey everyone,

I had a quick question, still new to this kind of thing. I am rooted , stock rom 4.2.2 sw. Last night, after my battery died, I plugged the phone in to charge it. Upon a full charge, I powered on the phone, using it as normal. I held down the home key, to visit my recently used apps, and realized that where my usual stock task manager is, to the right of clear all, was missing. I'm unsure why, no real changes since last night before it died.

Two questions; has anyone had a similar issue like this before, if so, is there a fix for it, or a way to re enable it?

Also, is there a list of the stock apps on this phone, as in what's already installed straight out of the box? I uninstalled a few system apps before doing a backup in twrp, and want to reinstall them, and then do the backup.

Thanks for any and all help, and if this isn't in the correct area, I apologize in advance.