Default [Q] verizon lg 4g flashed to pageplus

anyone have any luck getting 3g with the verizon lg 4g phones flashed to pageplus i am only getting 1x the 3g keys dont seem to stick there are 3 ports that show up on cdma ws and only 1 port rights to phone but data keys dont stick i was told that those phones have 2 radio,s and one has to be disabled to get 3g to work dont know if that is true i tried everything that i can think of donor and no donor and still no 3g the lg is the only phones that give me truble with 3g the samsung htc and motorola no broblem the 3g keys dont show but they stick i did a lg lucid a while ago and i got 3g by luck dont know how i did it again i been working on the intuition and lucid and no 3g just 1x i am using cdma ws and dfs any idias please post thanks