Default [Q] Recover Deleted SD Card Files

I accidentally deleted all of the photos off my GS4's SD card. I have unmounted and removed the SD card to prevent overwriting and now I'm in a panic basically to figure out how to get everything back. I have done endless searches on the Internet and have downloaded software that it's working for me.

I have a Mac, so I need Mac-compatible software. I have tired EaseUS and Wondershare, but neither of them will pick up my phone. I don't know why. Debugging is turned on, but it only show's my Mac's hard drive and never my phone. I need a software for Mac that will allow me to just connect my phone and search for the deleted files. I have tried looking for an Android app that would work, but they all require root and I'm not rooted.

I know there are threads on this on a million sites, but I haven't found anything to help me. But it's also 2 am and I'm a girl that doesn't know much about tech stuff. If anyone has any advice on how I can retrieve all of my pictures or at least some of them, your help is greatly appreciated.