Default Baseband Problems, Need help

I have been hunting around, trying to find a solution

I am having XT-912 Verizon Droid Razr Maxx model, and i am in India using a GSM network.

All cdma roms, dont show gsm signal bars, hence i am using patch to enable gsm using coupe of build.prop entries. [Src: http://www.internauta37.altervista.o...hones-android]

Everything works well, but the main problem is whenever i move from one area to another, many times phone loses signal and doesnt re-connect for a loooong time.
It gets very irritating as i have been missing calls, msgs, etc

1. The problem wasnt there initially and i feel some junk data or cache in baseband might be causing it?

2. I think the problem might be a ril or baseband mismatch. I am on cdma_n_05.21.00R which is latest baseband, any idea if trying different basebands might help solve this proble,?

3. Also is it possible to flash older baseband [ics or gb or older jb] on my phone to check compatibility or will i cause brick or locking etc?

Also i read about CID, and its something about region secific identifier, so anything about that affecting my device?