Tablet [Q] MaPan MX319/JXD S9100 Help

As far as I can tell, the title says what the tablet's model is although I'm not 100% sure as it doesn't have any stickers or decals giving any clues as what it's exact model is other than it has 8GB of storage.

My brother found it in a house he was remodeling for someone. The last occupants of the house were long since gone and the owner (who my brother was doing the work for) said he could keep it and since he already has a tablet, he gave it to me.

The downsides to this are;

1. It has no SD card. But I can easily go out and buy one.

2. It's locked with a passcode and since it's original owners are long gone, there's no way to get the code.

The passcode can range from a single digit and above so guessing was obviously out of the question.

I tried looking up the recovery button sequence and after trying countless different ones that I've found, I've had no luck.

Windows 7 recognizes it as a USB Composite Device, I've tried the instuctions found in google to get it to recognize it as a tablet, but so far no luck there either. The tablet doesn't even show a prompt for USB Mass Storage when it's plugged in. It simply displays the passcode number pad.

I've considered flashing it but LiveSuite is a joke. After trying to decipher all the broken english, it wont even recognize the tablet. I found the firmware on the MaPan website after digging through all their tablet models and comparing the pictures until I found the exact match of the one I have.

Any idea how I can make this tablet usable? I have Ubuntu 12.04 in virtualbox as well if using that will make it easier.

Also, if anyone asks for pictures, I'm sorry as I don't have a camera. I have a cheap phone but it doesn't have one.