Default tablet case came loose

I bought this hisense sero 7 pro, after 4 days of use holding it in portrait mode the outer case had some play in it. And it made a slight sqeeking noise. I'm left handed so I held it with my right hand on the right side. Turns out hisense does not glue the outer case but only use clips to secure it. So today I went out and got some super glue, working very carefully I used it and glued the area that was loose. I glued under the plastic side where the case meets the actual tablet so you can't really tell unless you look really close. Now its tight and I don't notice any sqeeking. I don't want to take it back to Walmart for an exchange because it works great and I don't want to risk getting another one with some other defect or flaw. I thought I'd post this just to see what people thought. I have the two year replacement plan with Walmart and they wouldn't care about the glue if somehow they found out, but I think hisense wouldn't be so forgiving under their one year warranty. Anyway that's everything, this is the best tab I've had so I've grown to like it alot.

Oh and I got some excess glue on the side, I tried using some finger nail polish remover but that didn't really work, does anyone know something else that might work ?