Default [Q] Flashing sprint s3 to boost with lg f7(lg870)

aHello, and thank you for any help in advance.
I have no idea where to ask this question and i am at my wits end.
I purchased a lg870 aka the optimus f7 from boost back in October and a month later dropped it, and in the process completel destroyed the screen.
My brother had a sprint s3, i got it from him a few weeks ago and started flashing a week ago.
I ended up getting everything except data working on it and that is because i have NO idea on how to pull the AAA/HA keys from the f7.
LGNPST, QPST and DFS are no help when it comes to this.

There is next to no development on it either.

If anyone knows how to pull the keys from this thing or any quidance at all it would be amazing and i would be forever grateful.