Default GTalk always online from Android

Gtalk always shows me as connected through 3 Android resources even though I am not actually logged in to google chat from anywhere (android phone, computer or any other device). I used trillian to identify these three resources and all three are similar except the stars (which are alpha numeric) which are MessagingA*******1.1 ("A" here means android device)

I searched google a lot but couldn't find any solution to this and finally posting this in xda because the connection is through android device so may be I can find a solution here.

I used pidgin --> logged in using these resources --> logged off assuming this will solve the log off the worked but in 15 mins the same resource is back online. I also tried changing the password but no help.

I change my ROM a lot and use Gtalk/Hangout. So I believe these resources are the one which I didn't logged off before changing the ROM.

Any help guys?