Default [Q] AndroWook 2.2 complete brick?

today my transformer prime does not want to boot at all.
I used AndroWook 2.2, since the release untill now, so i definitly didnt brick it while flashing the rom or the bootloader. The device worked yesterday just fine. Today in the morning i even heard it vibrating (though i dont know if it was the poweroff-vibration, or notification-vibration). It was in my bag (it's not warm here, something about 5 Celsius). As i unpacked it in work it was simply off.
I cant boot it, no matter how long i press the poweroff/on button.
Power+VolumeDown doesn't help either.
The reset-button and Power combinations does not work either.

The recharge-led of the dock works ( it got green after 1-2 hours ). The recharger gets warm as usuall.

I didn't find any recharge-led on the pad. The recharger isnt warm anymore, so i dont know, if it is already fully-charged or broken.

Does somebody has any tips to try to save my tablet? What can i do, are there some hardware hacks. I voided my warranty with unlocking the device, and it would be void in 2 weeks anyway.