Unhappy [Q] Help unbricking galaxy 3 sgh i747

I have bricked my samsung galaxy s3 sgh i747, and i would appreciate the experts help in fixing it. so here is the history of what has happened over the last week

running 4.3,

installed clockworkmod recovery
rooted phone via cf auto root
made full nandroid back up

downloaded and installed CM 11 nightlies

here is where things started to go wrong...

Cm 11 installed and lauched, but with many erros: system uid inconsistent, wi fi would not turn on, bluetooth not turn on, and many apps stopped working.

perfomed nandroid restore, restored and lauched. I kept getting an error message, which was something along the lines of: com.google.gapps has stopped working. everytime i hit ok, it would come back, which would not allow me to use the phone at all.

decided to an emergency firmware recovery through kiess.. recovery failed...

tried downloading firmware from sammobile. flash with odin...fails

i was able to flash clockworkmods recovery again. now when it boots it gets stuck in the att logo...

Im stuck and need advice as to what i can do.

thanks in advance for any help