Thumbs up GTA San Andreas

Just Amazing
GTA SA has better optimalization than GTA Vice CIty. 1080p gaming , everything set to max, only shadows off. But missing antialiasing. OUYA could update to Android 4.2+ there is force MSAA in developers setting. Or is there anyway how can I force antialiasing?

For more FPS turn off car reflection, it's even better without this, cars is like in PC GTA SA
Huawei Honor 2 U9508 2GB, 4.2 B705 Batty86 2.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 JBrom 4.0.4 OC
MK802+ GPU/CPU/RAM OC Uberoid 1.2 rom 4.0.4 -----> working better than OUYA!
OUYA - Root, Play Store ------> EPRJ kernel is comin and KitKat rom