Default [Q] "Data2SD" app compatible to Link2SD?

Hello, this is my first post on xda-developers.Although it is for experienced people.

These days I am experiencing a very big problem that needs to be solved.I have spent whole DAYS to find a final solution but still I am almost at 0.I was going mad...It may sound easy but its not.

The problem starts here: After downloading Link2SD and partitioning my external SD in order to save space, I realised that actually Link2SD was not so great as it didnt help that much to save space. Why? Because the most space was not held by apk,dex and lib files but by the data files!!
The result was this
I found many apps that could move data to SD, but most of them with no result: FolderMount,Titanium Backup,GL to SD , directory Bind.

FolderMount: It was the first I tried. For some very strange reason I was getting an "Unknown Error" for some app data that I was trying to move.Also it corrupted some data too.Some random times was working though.

Titanium Backup:The most famous "data2sd" app. I was surprised when I found out this one had the ability to move data to the 2nd partition of the external SD.But it failed, as there was not such an option every time I selected an app. As I understood that is because Titanium Backup can support only some specific paths of the SD card. Mine is data/sdext2 but Titanium wants /data/sd or /system/sd/ or /sd-ext/ . Many Titanium users had the same problem on other threads. But most answers recommended to mount a script in init.d folder. A guy suggested to change the folder name from sdext2 to sd. BOTH of these solutions FAILED. 1) My phone ( no ROM installed) does not support init.d and for some reason every "init.d support" app I downloaded was a waste of time.Additionally I cant even make an init.d folder in system/etc...I dont know why...I make it, but it doesnt appear.
2) When I try to rename "sdext2" folder to "sd" it disappears...

GL TO SD: This is a nice app which was working when I tried it. Though I was not able to move the app data from external SD back to the internal storage.And this is a problem.

Directory Bind: I installed it. The first time it worked, and then it stopped...But except from that it cant move data back to internal storage as GL to SD and it does not list the data which I have moved.Also I have to manually find the path of an app's data.

OK. I know that I gave too much info and some of these may be a little confusing but thats the truth. The biggest mess is Titanium Backup as you can see, which is really a mystery. FolderMount maybe tries to move the data to the 1st partition of the SD and because of the small space shows error.Not sure though.

So lets make it more clear. Are these apps compatible with Link2SD and the partitioned SD card? If not, do you have any solution for the Titanium Backup? Do you know any Link2sd friendly "data2sd" app? What I want is just to find a way to move the data to external SD while I have Link2sd. And its really amazing that Link2SD has more than 10 million downloads and there is not a standard "data2sd" app which is actually more important than Link2sd !

Secondary Question: In many threads I saw the term : "Flash this zip in Recovery"...What does it mean and how can I do it?

Waiting for some answers. If you have any questions or want a more specific explanation about something, just ask me

Thanks a lot!