Thumbs up Borrow a Lumia 520 to get group messaging

Hey everybody. I know many of you on Sprint (and I hear Verizon) have had difficulties getting group messaging to work. I too have had this problem. I realize ROMs may be a reality someday, but as of now it would be nice to have group messaging.

As of today, I have a Lumia 520 on the way, and I figured I'd share the love.

If you'd like to get group messaging, I'll let you borrow my Lumia 520 with a security deposit of course. If you feel so inclined, you could also donate... I'll let you pay shipping as well.

Note that if many people take me up on this, it may take a little while to get around to you. :/

The way this works is that you setup your account with the phone, it syncs your account, you reset your current phone and restore from your other backup, and you have group messaging!

Please let me know if you have any questions!