Unhappy [Q] 4.3 Broke my phone (please help!)

4.3 Broke my phone (please help!)

I just received the 4.3 update*OTA*on Sunday, and now i have MASSIVE problems with my phone.

my battery is draining rapidly, i cant access any files- My files freezes my phone, i cant downloadapps, or files from emails, my camera cant save photos, gallery freezes my phone, it reboots randomly, and vibrates randomly. I cant even connect to a PC

Sprint recommends a clean wipe, but there are files i don't want to loose. the easy answer is "you should have backed up first" well... i would have had i known it was doing a massive update. i didn't get any warning it was going to download, let alone break my phone.

is there any work arounds to get my files off the internal storage, or a new rom onto the sd card to then recover, or even a sideload of a file management app which might be able to read my internal memory?

I do not have a PC at home to work from, only an adroid tablet. and my phone is my only Internet source at home.