Default [Q] Phone stuck, need help ASAP please

I recently acquired a HTC DNA from a friend of mine, and it was working fine for the last week. I applied an OTA Verizon update, it was part of a 2 part update, and it downloaded a fairly hefty update (took about 30 minutes to download) and when I hit ok to restart the phone to apply the update, i am stuck on the HTC quietly brilliant screen. It wont load anything. I booted into recovery, wiped cache, and rebooted. Still got nothing. Booted back into recovery, wiped all data and did a factory reset, and rebooted, still stuck at the htc loading screen. After talking to both Verizon and HTC directly, they basically told me im on my own. I have read up about sidebooting a stock rom (RUU or something like that). I downloaded the file from a guide i was following but i cannot even get my computer to recognize the device when i plug it in via USB. The phone is not rooted, and i am just looking to get it back up and running. Please help.

Yes the phone was charged to greater than 30% when i applied the update. (it was on the charger actually, if that affects anything)

Anybody have a similar problem when applying verizon's OTA update, and how can i get my computer to recognize the device so I can get this thing back up and running.