Default I bricked my recovery, any ideas?

I have a problem that i need help with.

I have an i337 that originally came with the MDL firmware. I rooted with casual and had TWRP installed. Ive flashed many roms, and currently using Beanstalk 4.4 with the KT-AOSP kernel.

I wanted to try PhilZ recovery, so I flashed it from TWRP like the instructions said. I dont know if its because i am so used to doing it with ROMS, but i think I flashed too. When I tried to boot into recovery, i got the dreaded yellow triangle.

I rebooted into download mode and hit volume down to get back to beanstalk, and i tried to flash TWRP from GOOManager. I'm still getting the yellow triangle.

Here is the biggest problem - My little computer has such a small screen that ODIN doesnt show all of the buttons. Is there any way I can get my recovery back?

Thanks in advance.